Screenplays by Rick Blackwell

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A writer with a unique prospective and vision 

  Mr. Blackwell is a RN working in the juvenile correctional field, and a martial arts instructor of M.M.A. cage fighting. Retired Army and Army Reserve served in the Gulf War as a combat nurse. All spare time is devoted to writing movie screenplays and books. 

Writing credits: Multiple articles in major magazines.

Short Screenplays:The Farting Office,T.P. Crisis along with several other shorts as part of a  UK TV comedy show (3 men and a Lady) v=yr2liBT9yzI&list= PLC607C01D7876C8F8
Laughing with Insanity-
Escape to Noah's Ark-
The Last Cross-

Loglines and Synopsis to many of the screenplays above can be read at :  http://uniquescreenplays.webs. com/

Have 1 short produced by No Names Taken Production titled: A Homeless Desire v=t7JOHbxcidM

(Mobster Kids) feature is produced by Magic Elevator Productions v=3NFwr6cruhQ nm4361794/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Had 1 feature optioned by Diamond Entertainment and Production Company titled: (Earth Gods).

(Stan, the man) opted by Richard Clark

Contact: Rick Blackwell 234 281 6533 or 330 956 9869